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    Puppy’s First Hike

    I climbed this rock

    This my rock

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    I never realized how overdramatic Zac Efron was until Tumblr. 

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    we went on a field trip to the zoo last week

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    petition for a doctor who episode where the doctor travels back in time to meet arthur conan doyle and accidentally happens to mention how popular sherlock holmes is even 130 years later and poor acd almost breaks down crying

    "Doctor before you leave…just tell me one thing."
    "What’s that?"
    "My books, the Sherlock Holmes books…do they die out?"
    "No, Arthur. People love them. They carry on for hundreds of years."
    "Damnit. God damnit. Fuck." 

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  8. "In another moment a happier sight caught her;—Mr. Knightley leading Harriet to the set!—Never had she been more surprized, seldom more delighted, than at that instant."

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    LINEART BY win-e <deviantart

    aradine <tumblr

    She graciously let me color these lines, and as it always is when I color someone else’s work I had so much fun.  It’s surprising to me how little Ella Enchanted fanart there is, when you type it into search it’s mostly just screenshots from the movie.  And hey if you like the movie, awesome, but I was one of those that read and loved the book first and holy God was that movie adaption a smack in the craw.

    But yes!  This is Ella Enchanted fanart, directly from the book! When Ella is hiding herself at the masquerade ball because her curse made her a danger to Char and read it just read it…There were 3 balls, 3 dresses, but I chose the green and yellow one…I just wanted to use green I suppose.

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